West London Trades Union Club

NewsLetter January 2014

The annual general meeting on Thursday, 16th January
was quorate. An election was not required for the
Management Committee. The members nominated were
Reg Elkins, president, Jack O’Connor, vice-president,
Peter Grist, treasurer, John Gallagher, secretary, with
Steve Hutchinson, Noel O’Brien, Wanda Piontek and
Colin Towns and a vacancy. The report and accounts
were accepted together with the minutes of the special
rules revision meeting which will be forwarded to our
regulator, the Financial Compliance Authority. Bill
Wilson retired from the committee and we thank him for
many yours service, including twice as vice-president.
We also wish the president’s wife, Val Elkins, all the
very best and our hopes for her recovery.

Membership increased last year and so have the
members paying by bankers’ orders. Postage and
stationery costs have increased as well. The committee
is trying to hold the subscription fee at £10 for waged,
£15 for couples and £5 for unwaged but it would help
considerably if members would all give us their email
addresses. We will not accept any more associates but
retired and unemployed members whose unions do not
encourage them to remain members will remain club
members. No-one can be put forward for membership
unless they are proposed and seconded and pay for their
£1 share with their application. Subscriptions are due by
1st January each year and it will save time if members
make sure they have renewed by then. If you pay by
standing order renewal is automatic on transfer to our


One computer is available in the bar and is now free.

We have refurbished the courtyard and purchased new
chairs for the Joe Sherman Room. We have found
another hole in the pavement and there is a problem
with hot water and the cisterns we will deal with this
week. The committee thanks everyone who has

Volunteer bar staff are welcome. Please see Steve
Hutchinson. Alice left but Jo and Charlie have joined as volunteers.


Burns Night will be on 1st February thanks to
George. We are also celebrating International
Women’s Day on 8th March. Tony’s musical nights
on the first Friday of the month are attracting
members. The film shows are on the third Saturday
afternoon. The planned barbeques will be on
Sunday, 4th May, for May Day and Saturday, 5th
July, for Acton Carnival and International Co-op
Day. Sturdy Beggars hope to put on a performance
but Jack O’Connor is recovering from a fall. The
weekly Sunday quizzes continue to attract interest
and every three months one is for a charity. We are
planning evening events for Flanders & Swann on
25th January, Lupercalia (St Valentine’s) on 15th
February and Eurovision on 10th May. Hallowe’en
will be on 1st November with the usual fancy dress
party. Members’ Night will close the year and we
hope there will be a further performance by Sturdy
The Events Sub-committee are happy to hold more
barbeques at the end of May and in June, August
and September but we need to agree dates suitable
for as many members as possible and we require
volunteers to set up and clear up.

We have an internal smoke-free policy. There is a
canopy in the garden but please come in at 10:30pm
and respect the privacy of our neighbours. Please
note that if you smoke on the pavement there is no
readmission after 11:30pm.

The A&E units will be severely reduced in their
service to the community and Ealing council, Ealing
Trades’ Council, unions and voluntary organisations
are continuing their opposition.

The local and European elections are on 22nd May
this year. Several of our members will be standing
in the local elections, although the secretary, John
Gallagher, will be retiring after over twenty years,
including a term as deputy mayor, 2010/11 and
mayor, 2011/12.
Those standing again include Yvonne Johnson, Mik
Sabiers, Josh Blacker and Daniel Crawford in Acton